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are bettas carnivores

Bubbles & Bettas: Care

Bettas - The Most Exotic Fish For.

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are bettas carnivores

Betta fish

are bettas carnivores

Better Betta Fish Care | Better Bettas
Get the basics of betta fish care in a snap shot covering feeding, water quality and why size matters.
This article covers how to set up your Betta tank, how to maintain it, all about cycling, feeding, tank mates and what to do when you go on holidays.
Bubbles & Bettas: Care

08.11.2006  Learn how to care for the most beautiful and exotic fresh water fish.
Bubbles & Bettas: Care Betta Tankmates - Frequently Asked.

Feeding Bettas | Betta Fish Care

Bettas are carnivores and need food high in protein. Bettas cannot survive off of just vegetables or plant roots. There are many foods available for your betta that